Flexography Printing Basics

What Is Flexography Printing?

Flexography printing, sometimes referred to as “surface printing” or “flexo,” is a traditional method of printing that utilizes a flexible relief plate made of either rubber or flexible plastic. This allows the plate to conform and deliver ink to many different kinds of print surfaces. Continue reading “Flexography Printing Basics”

Gravure Printing 101

What Is Gravure Printing?

Gravure printing, short for rotogravure printing, is a method of printing where an image is acid-etched into a cylindrical printing plate and filled with ink; paper is then directly applied to the printing plate using an impression roll, transferring the ink and the image onto the page. Multiple colors can be applied using this method, but each requires its own individual gravure roll and the paper must be dried between each application. Continue reading “Gravure Printing 101”